guitar, mandolin, fiddle, vocals

Check back here regularly to find out where to catch up with Steve in his different line ups.

Meal ticket circa 1978

Early 70s... Joe Brown's Home Brew, then Slim Chance, the band formed by Ronnie Lane; both true showmen in action both on and off stage.


Mid 70s...the iconic Meal Ticket, then Frankie Miller’s Band, a short spell with The Sutherland Brothers, the legendary Chuck Farley in 1980 (still popping up from time to time) another short spell with the amazing Paul Brady, Hinkley’s Heroes and a long standing working relationship with Roger Chapman and his Short List from 1981.


1989 started a project with bass man Malcolm Hoskins from Little Sister. This led to a good rocking crew, The New Heaters, all of whom feature on Steve’s 2010 album “The Wrong Road Home”. Special guests on vocals are Charlie Dore, Becky Clowes and Andy Winfield.


There followed a long-standing association with The Good Men in the Jungle, fronted by Becky Clowes and Alun Davies, who is still called upon by his long-time friend Yusuf Islam for world-wide concerts.

Who'd have thought it... recalled to work a nationwide tour with Joe Brown only cut short near the end of the schedule by the pandemic and lock-down.


Now there’s a welcome return to Ronnie Lane’s music with the

"reformed but unrepentant” Slim Chance (see link)...reformed in 2010 and four good albums in the catalogue.

Most recently, a chance to work with long-time friend and hero Ralph McTell. The blessings flow, indeed!


The New Heaters at the Grey Horse